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Obtaining Mathematical Geology and Joining the IAMG

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Mathematical Geology

Volume 32, Number 2


Special Issue: Enhancing the Quantitative Skills of Earth Science Students


G. B. Stracher

Rates of Geologic Processes: Problems for an Introductory Geology Course

C. M. Bailey

Adventures in Data Analysis: The TAO Array and the 1997-98 El Niño

S. K. Boss

Student Response to Quantitative Aspects of Instruction in an Introductory Geology Course

T. T. Goforth and J. A. Dunbar

From Celsius to Chaos to Cyclones: Using Temperature-Conversion Equations to Introduce Advanced Mathematical Concepts in Earth Science Courses

J. A. Knox

Sneaking Mathematical Concepts through the Back Door of the Introductory Geology Classroom

J. R. Wagner

Godzilla from a Zoological Perspective

Per Christiansen

Book Review

Constructive Approximation on the Sphere

by W. Freeden, T. Gervens, and M. Schreiner

Reviewed by P. Crotwell