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Mathematical Geology

Notice: This web site for Mathematical Geology is no longer being maintained. Mathematical Geology has moved; please use the new site. This site will cease to exist 30 days after the November 2006 issue has been printed.

Mathematical Geology publishes papers on the application and use of mathematics, statistics, and computers to the earth sciences. We welcome case studies, theory, and teaching materials.

Mathematical Geology is published 8 times a year by Springer for the International Association for Mathematical Geology. Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor-in-chief, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos. Contributors should follow the instructions to authors, particularly in regard to format of the text and references.

To avoid the most frequent errors, make sure your manuscript is double-spaced; do not number section headings; include issue numbers in references; put each figure and table on its own page; and list figure captions on a separate page. Do not try to replicate the look of the journal page by doing things such as putting figures in the text.

If you are interested in receiving manuscripts for review, let me know by e-mail. Include your name, address, and specific areas of expertise.